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Flesh Party

Brisbane LJ Flesh Party

Achtung! Calling all Brisbane LJers.

This is a virus. It’s a casting call. It’s an invitation to a Brisbane flesh-to-flesh meetup for Livejournallers. This means you.

The Details

The party will happen at the Emerald Room, The Pavilion, Boundary Street West End from 9pm onward on the evening of 27th of December. Yes, that is between Christmas and New Years. Think of it as a way to recover from Nana smothering you with gummy kisses that smell of mothballs and Viagra. Or suppress all memory of your past and just rock up. It’s like the French Foreign Legion with tunes and a bar.

The Emerald Room is a small, vibey club, with space that allows about 150 people to mingle in dark, flattering lighting. There will be dancing. There may be vampires. There is spill-over space if more people turn up, and comfy nooks for you to hide in if you discover this is all an elaborate hoax to lure you out while we rob your house.

If you want to eat beforehand, you can do so downstairs at the Pavilion (book first) or at any of the many eateries in Boundary Street.

The important bit:

This invitation is a virus. Pass it on. Please post this invitation in your LJ, or at least mention it and link to http://www.livejournal.com/users/ceret/16886.html. We want this thing to be word of mouth from friend to friend, like a real open-house party invitation.

Suzanne Matubi of Kenya passed this invitation on, and she won a million dollars and made out with Jude Law! Fatty Vautin did not pass it on, and was asked to host the Footy Show :(

dress: fetish, basic black, raver, seventies, cowboy hat, surgical gown, novelty wig. Look as gorgeous as your budget and fashion naiveté allows. Or look like a psychotic baglady. We still love you.

how to get there: The Pavilion is in Boundary Street, West End. There are trains (South Brisbane Station), buses, etc. The Emerald Room is the upstairs part of The Pavilion.

attitude: you mission is to meet at least five random strangers during the course of the evening.

RSVP: Please visit here and post a comment to let us know you’re coming. It’s not a contractual agreement, but it will let us get news to you if something changes. If, for example we learn Eddie McGuire is popping in, the party will be evacuated to a secret underground location.

That is all.

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