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Brisbane Movie Meets
Saturday, October 18th, 2003

Date:2003-10-18 01:55
Subject:Matrix Triple Shot

Okay, from the nice people at the box office at Myers Centre

A triple shot Matrix Marathon is being run for the opening night of Matrix Revolutions. Matrix and Matrix:Reloaded for $5 each, Revolutions for standard price.

Advance sales are now available through the Regent. Despite the fun and frivolity that surrounded the Matrix: Reloaded midnight session booking, I'm making myself available again to advance purchase tickets to the Matrix Marathon.

Only the matrix marathon though. If you're not up for the triple shot then don't tell me (this means you Liam), I don't want to know, and I won't be buying your ticket for the midnight session.

So, who's up for the Triple Matrix session, and wants me to purchase their ticket when I buy mine?

All 3 are at the myer centre cinema.

Matrix: 6.30pm Wed 5 Nov
Matrix: Reloaded. 9.15pm, Wed 5 Nov
Matrix: Revolutions, 12.01, Thursday 6 Nov.

(Booked in now are Neko$teve, Darcy, Robyn, Liam, Jen, Pru)

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