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Brisbane Movie Meets
20 most recent entries

Date:2008-10-25 21:52
Subject:Yet Another Brisbane Photo

To give you a sense of how long this photo is if i printed this photo it would be 1.1 meters long and only 30 cm high!

Brisbane Panoramic Photo under cutCollapse )

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Date:2005-06-20 09:50
Subject:So who's this Lindsay Lohan bloke anyway?

Herbie Fully Loaded (G) 98 mins running time

Session Time
Date: Tuesday, 21 June 2005
Time: 18:45
Brisbane City Myer Centre

Wear a white carnation if you want to be recognised by other members of the "Oh god this is a bad movie why am I here? NEKO! THIS IS YOUR FAULT" club


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Date:2005-06-10 10:44
Subject:Mrs and Mrs Smith: Movie - 9.40 tonight!

Mr and Mrs Smith Movie Night Tonight

Premovie Food Gathering: 8pm, West End Nandos.
Premovie OMGWHEREAREMYTICKETS Moment - 9.20ish onwards at the South Bank Cinemas.

Any questions, post and I shall answer them.

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Date:2005-06-09 10:36
Subject:Mr and Mrs Smith

WHERE: South Bank Cinemas
AT: Cinema 5
WHEN: Fri 10th - 9:40pm

Tickets prepurchased for...


* I need you two to come with me to collect the tickets so I can demonstrate your student cards. All others owe me $7.00

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Date:2005-06-06 18:07
Subject:Mr and Mrs Smith Movie Viewing

Mr and Mrs Smith.
Friday 10 June.
Southbank Cinema,
Session nearest to 9ish

Time to be confirmed once I can get the time for the late IMAX session. RSVP to this post for me to purchase your ticket in advance and you to give me money on the night.

Currently, I believe it will be Monkeygirl, littlenell, jennifergearing and the Neko$teve for the movie.

(Batman Begins and Herbie:Reloaded to be organised separately)

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Date:2005-06-01 21:24
Subject:Batman Begins

Rightio then

Who's up for a session of Batman Begins?

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Date:2004-12-29 15:29
Subject:New Member

Hi all!

Seeing as this is a relatively small community, I thought that I would make my presence known.

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Date:2004-06-09 00:58


(Cross posted to brisgoth, brismovies)
To help raise money for the graduate student film Mister Kruger, I am helping to sell raffle tickets, with some fabbo prizes - 10 DVDs, Big Fish, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and The Missing prize packs, as well as other goodies. Click here for the full list!!Collapse )

Tickets are only $2 each!!. Raffle is drawn JUNE 20, 2004

If you are interested in purchasing any tickets from me, email me at littlenell.geo at yahoo.com (change the 'at' to @), and we will come to an arrangement. I am willing to sell them 'online' and email you your ticket numbers if you aren't able to get them in person. Tickets must be paid for before June 19. You can also reach sugarcontent (the writer of Mister Kruger) through her journal if you wish to purchase tickets from her.

PLEASE NOTE: DVDs are Region 4 encoded (Aust). If you require the items to be shipped to you, this will incur a further cost. More details if you are announced the winner of any of the prizes.

If you know of anyone else who would be interested in purchasing tickets, this entry is PUBLIC, so direct them to this post. The film makers would be very appreciative!

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Date:2004-04-21 10:32
Subject:word on the street says...
Mood: sympathetic

Kill Bill Vol 2, city cinema, about 9pm-ish thursday.

That's the word.

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Date:2004-03-24 03:37

My sisters tree_pretty, fire_bad, and my girlfriend and I are going to see Monster on Sunday at Bulimba. Anyone interested? Times are 1:25pm, 4:00, 6:35 and 9:05 (also, 10:55am, but we can't possibly make that showing). It is rated MA, just so you know.

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Date:2004-02-19 10:55
Subject:Upcoming movies

I'm bravely volunteering my taste in movies. Anyone else wanna go see any of the following?

  • The Passion of Teh Batman The Christ
  • The Sin Eater (mmm Heath Ledger)


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  • Poster:ceret
    Date:2003-12-16 13:18
    Subject:Flesh Party

    Brisbane LJ Flesh Party

    Achtung! Calling all Brisbane LJers.

    This is a virus. It’s a casting call. It’s an invitation to a Brisbane flesh-to-flesh meetup for Livejournallers. This means you.

    The DetailsCollapse )

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    Date:2003-12-05 16:35
    Subject:Southbank Cinemas reopened!
    Mood: excited

    As most of you probably know, the Southbank cinemas closed earlier this year, as well as the Imax theatre.
    Well, they've re-opened. Now run by Cineplex, the cinemas themselves are open, as well as the Imax, which is now the largest cinema screen in Australia. Here.

    The best part of all of this, as fans of Cineplex cinemas would know, is the prices. You can buy tickets online, and even order your snacks.

    *sings* o/` Let's all go to the lobby..... o/`

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    Date:2003-11-16 21:00
    Subject:The Medalion


    With a jab of special effects jiggery-pokery, Jackie Chan’s already impressive talents are enhanced in this movie not by the wearing of a smart tuxedo but by a fabled medallion guarded by a small boy (Alexander Bao).

    I'm considering a city session, tuesday night, 19:00 hours, as my preference for seeing this film. Anyone with me?


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    Date:2003-11-06 15:38

    BCC are screening the Extended Editions Fellowship and The Two Towers in December.

    The Fellowship run goes from the 11th to the 17th of December.

    While the Two Towers run goes from the 18th to the 22nd.

    I've been told that both the Fellowship and The Two Towers will be screened together on the 23rd of December.

    Only 7 BCC locations are getting the EE's, and two of them just happen to be Garden City and Indooroopilly. (The others are: George Street, Sydney, Macquarie, Innaloo and Marion. Wherever they are.)

    Who's up for any of the screenings?

    I still haven't sat down and watched all of the FotR EE, and even after I get the TTT EE I probably won't sit down and watch it.

    And just think, in 12 months time we can do it all again with RotK.

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    Date:2003-11-03 18:07
    Subject:Reminder: Matrix Marathon Gathering

    Myers Centre. Meet anytime after 4.30ish.
    First movie starts at 6.30.
    Look for the geek in the nanowrimo t-shirt with the laptop(s)

    Updated pricing. Due to an incredible bit of luck, ALL triple shot tickets are $19. (Marathon 1 and 2 @ $5, Revolutions @ $9) instead of the previous anticipated $23. A certain cat like gentleman appears to have scammed the ticketing office in a legitimate, albeit amusing way.

    So, $19 to me, on the night. I'll stock up on dollar coins, so send $20 notes my way.

    (Nekocouriers. We Deliver. At a discount.)

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    Date:2003-10-25 20:05
    Subject:Matrix Marathon

    Gumby Summary: Tickets book. All 3 are in Cinema 7, Myers Centre.

    Those wanting the same session as the Matrix Marathoners, ask for Cinema 7. I'm unaware of how many spots are left for it.

    Tickets bought for
    1. Neko$teve
    2. Darcy*
    3. Jen
    4. Mare*
    5. Robyn
    6. Pru
    7. Liam
    8. Paul
    9. Riff
    10. Debbie
    11. Missy (late arrival noted and compensated for)
    12. Michael (via Robyn)
    13. Peter D.

    * Student rate was achieved through means devious and discounted.

    Start time: session starts at 6.30. Given it's nanowrimo month, I shall be at the cinema, with laptop, in queue and typing away during the queuing from some point after 4.30ish (eg after work). Company welcome. Really long power cord also welcomed.

    Tickets for money: Paying me on the night is fine. If you want the tickets earlier, e-mail me and we'll discuss the handover

    Cost: Marathon 1 & 2 = $10, Matrix 3 = $13.50 (students, $9). Cash on the night is fine, along with money before hand. Once you give me money, I give you the ticket. If you pay early, I give you the ticket and it becomes your job not to lose it :)

    Any questions?

    Dr $tephen Dann
    | www.stephendann.com | | www.mp3.com.au/merchantsofsloth | | http://heretherebemonsters.com/

    Disclaimer:.- .... .. ... . . -.-- --- ..- -.- -. --- .-- -- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. . .- ... .-- . .-.. .-.. .

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    Date:2003-10-18 01:55
    Subject:Matrix Triple Shot

    Okay, from the nice people at the box office at Myers Centre

    A triple shot Matrix Marathon is being run for the opening night of Matrix Revolutions. Matrix and Matrix:Reloaded for $5 each, Revolutions for standard price.

    Advance sales are now available through the Regent. Despite the fun and frivolity that surrounded the Matrix: Reloaded midnight session booking, I'm making myself available again to advance purchase tickets to the Matrix Marathon.

    Only the matrix marathon though. If you're not up for the triple shot then don't tell me (this means you Liam), I don't want to know, and I won't be buying your ticket for the midnight session.

    So, who's up for the Triple Matrix session, and wants me to purchase their ticket when I buy mine?

    All 3 are at the myer centre cinema.

    Matrix: 6.30pm Wed 5 Nov
    Matrix: Reloaded. 9.15pm, Wed 5 Nov
    Matrix: Revolutions, 12.01, Thursday 6 Nov.

    (Booked in now are Neko$teve, Darcy, Robyn, Liam, Jen, Pru)

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    Date:2003-10-13 07:27

    Quentin Tarantino Fans! Join _tarantino.

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    Date:2003-09-30 21:57
    Subject:LXG: league of extraordinary gentlemen

    LXG opens on Thursday

    The Session: Thursday Night, Myer Centre, 9:10pm.
    Meet outside HMV in the mall at 8:30ish.

    All those in, say "Aye"
    All those out, say "The comic was much better"

    additional transport for two is available
    (jen/darcy, your season pass to redbird couriers is still in effect)

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